The Science of Beach Lifeguarding - Hardcover - English

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The Science of Beach Lifeguarding - Edited by Mike Tipton, Adam Wooler

The World Health Organization’s recently published Global Report on Drowning found that drowning is the third leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide—making the information presented in this new book an important part of the global effort to reduce this health risk.

Written by leading researchers and academics from around the world, The Science of Beach Lifeguarding focuses on the scientific evidence that underpins what is taught to and practised by beach lifeguards. It is the first book to pull together all the different areas involved in beach lifeguarding and evaluate their evidence base.

An accessible and informative reference underpinned by the best current research, the book’s key themes cover the context of beach lifeguarding, the physical environment in which lifeguards work, medical aspects, practical lifeguarding techniques, physiological standards for lifeguards, safety education, and future developments in beach lifeguarding.

The book presents groundbreaking work quantifying the scientific rationale behind a universally accepted fitness standard. It supplies an in-depth examination of the risks and hazards associated with the beach environment, including rip currents and cold water immersion.

The book includes a state-of-the-art review of drowning and a comprehensive chapter on first aid. Detailing the recently announced 2015 European Resuscitation Council Guidelines, this book is a must-have for beach lifeguards, beach lifeguard managers, search and rescue personnel, paramedics, sports scientists, health and safety practitioners, and occupational health practitioners.

Table of Contents


History of Beach Lifeguarding

Chris Brewster

Lifeguard Effectiveness

Julie Gilchrist and Christine Branche

Data, Risk Analysis and Evaluation: Their Role in Advancing the Science of Beach Lifeguarding

Michael Wright


Beach Types, Hazards and Risk Assessment

Andrew Short and Adam Weir

Science of the Rip Current Hazard

Robert Brander and Tim Scott

Cold Water Immersion

Mike Tipton


Injuries and Risks While Lifeguarding

Peter Wernicki and Christy Northfield

Beach Lifeguard First Aid

Kevin Moran and Justin Sempsrott


David Szpilman

Resuscitation Techniques for Lifeguards

Joost Bierens


Recognition, Vigilance and Surveillance Techniques

Jenny Smith

Lifeguard Swimming Performance in Surf

Mike Tipton and Andrew Byatt


Medical Standards for Beach Lifeguards

David Anton

Eyesight Standards for Beach Lifeguards

Polona Jaki and Mike Tipton

Occupational Fitness and Strength Standards for Beach Lifeguarding

Tara Reilly and Mike Tipton


Beach Safety Education: A Behavioural Change Approach

Michael Wright

Beach Safety Education

Kevin Moran

Establishing Beach Safety and Lifesaving Programmes in a Developing Country

Norman Farmer and Thomas Mecrow


Emerging Technologies in Beach Lifeguarding

Ian Greatbatch and David Livingstone






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