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The USB Card contains the Mass Rescue Operations Guidance e-Book 2017.

The Mass Rescue Operations Guidance e-Book 2017 is derived from the International Maritime Rescue Federation’s mass rescue operations project. Third Edition: June 2017. The book is easy to use and comes in pdf format. The USB Card is a handy device to keep the book always close with you, or to store it in a safe place.

The reader of this book on mass rescue operations might begin by asking what relevance it may have for him or her. That is a legitimate question. MROs are ‘low-probability / high-consequence’ events. Yes: they are immensely serious and very complicated – but are you ever likely to be involved in one? No: it’s not very likely. So why focus on something that’s unlikely to happen? Isn’t that a waste of time?
No. One thing that is very clear from experience is that if you have focussed on the possibilities beforehand, and prepared as best you can, your response will be significantly improved. Which means that you will probably save more lives. It’s as simple as that. .....

The changes in the 3rd Edition MRO Guidance are:

  • new chapter 30, on incident reports
  • revised chapter 12, adding material on migrant rescue
  • revised chapter 27, on our MRO workshops
  • various revisions, particularly in chapters 21 & 23, stemming from the publication of the 2016 edition of IAMSAR
  • various editorials, including the addition of cross-references to the new chapter.

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